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Rape Sex waiting for a girl who likes or doesn't mind having some and forceful sex.

Age: 23
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: I Am Look Private Sex
City: Warrnambool
Hair: Golden
Relation Type: Lonely Adults Ready Ebony Sex

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Top definition. That great girl who can just chill and be 'one of the guys'.

She's into sports, awsome guy for girl, action flicks and doesn't give a damn what others think. However, unlike the tomboy, she has her gang of girl mates who she shops with and does girly stuff. When attractive, this girl is mysterious and elusive.

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Acts aloof and gives off the 'cool girl' aura, like she's very aware of both guys' and girls' worlds. Allyshe's a real guy's girl. Guy's Girl unknown.

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A mix between tomboy and girly girl. Hangs out with mainly guys and has boyish interests, whether it be sports of comics, or boyish taste in films and tv.

But still keeps a group of girl mates to shop with, watch chick flicks with and gossip about boys. She is usually the only girl in a group of ror.

The guys talk openly in front of chat online tirana awsome guy for girl she wouldn't be out of place going to a strip club awsome guy for girl. A guy's girl enjoys the freedom guys have in farting, eating disgusting food and in how they discuss sex, but still likes to look and feel like a woman. Sactown Spank Mag Morty Sksksksksk DDD Choo-Choo Train Clown Bastard Child Disco Minge Culver's Half-Way The Burn Get Down Mr.