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Authored by: Elizabeth M. At this point, I've been living in Morocco for about 3 months and I've noticed so many similarities, but I've also noticed differences; some good, some bad.


So, here it goes. Family Oriented.

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Moroccan families are traditionally very close-knit and they do everything. They moroccan men american women a lot about each family member because they share everything and they also know a lot about their neighbors and coworkers. I've heard my fair share of gossip in the short time I've been.

This kind of gossip, though, isn't out of malice, but simply out of curiosity. Women will talk for hours and hours about their kids and their friends and their friends friends.

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The more you know, I guess. Work to Live. I noticed pretty quickly that Moroccans tend to only be worried about today.

They only need enough money for today, enough food for today, and enough water for today. When I was in Marrakech, two of the other teachers bought a handmade lamp from a man in the moroccan men american women and then we continued walking into the moroccan men american women. On our way out 20 minutes later, amerian noticed that he had already closed up shop as he had made the money he needed to for the day.

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It was as simple as. They tend to be grazers in that they'd rather eat a few small meals than 3 regularly sized meals.

But when food is available to eat, a true Moroccan would encourage you to eat until you are stuffed. Meal portions are often a little smaller than what I was moroccan men american women to having in the U. Don't get me wrong though There is little to no regard for the environment as far as littering goes.

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As a Moroccan, it would be perfectly normal to be granny gay on the sidewalk and throw an moroccan men american women Coca-Cola bottle down and keep on walking.

This notion is evolving and behavior is changing, but there is always more that can be done! Customer Service. In comparison to the U.

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No matter what you say, you, the customer are always wrong. Try to get use to it as quickly as you can! There is no rush Unless it is a special occasion, everything is done last minute.

I've heard of families that ask for wedding RSVPs the same day as the wedding. Forward-thinking planning is rare and Moroccans operate on the assumption that everything will work out later.

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It's always super frustrating as an American, but I'm learning to work with it. It is generally an indicator of social status and students will brag about how often they go to McDonalds.

Prices are very similar to the U. It's all your preference, but sometimes I just want some McNuggets! Before I got to Morocco I did hear quite a bit about the patriarchal nature of the society.

My brain was filled with horror stories in the weeks before my Hi there! My name is Elizabeth Mann. I am 23 and lived in Maryland before moving, moroccan men american women, to Morocco last September.

I graduated from college in with a B.

The center has changed so much since we Skip to main content. Teach in Morocco.

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I am sure I'll learn more in the coming months, but this is what I've seen so far! Share This Post: Learn More: View Program Request Information.

Morodcan in Morocco Morocco.

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Cultural Differences. Related Posts. Teaching in Morocco as a Woman. All About Me. Keep Me Updated.