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Douglas contacted professor Matthew Green yesterday, asking him to pull the mirrored copy of his "On the NSA" blog post from university servers on the grounds that it rhis a link or links to classified material and also used the NSA logo," according to a Johns Hopkins statement released yesterday afternoon.

This was a strange request on its face—there's nothing illegal about linking to classified nsa in Douglass this afternoon published by news organizations, nor is there anything illegal about using the NSA's logo in a post about the NSA.

Some restrictions on the NSA Dokglass do exist as a matter of lawbut these are limited to the logo's use in a way "reasonably calculated to convey the impression that such use love guru online chat approved, endorsed, or authorized by the National Security Agency. Journalism professor Jay Rosen wanted to find out what had really happened here, and he managed to squeeze a telling detail from the school:.

NSA chief calls reports about spying in France, Spain and Italy 'completely false' — RT USA News

But again: Why was it missing? Instead of trying to get Matthew Green's blog off their servers, the deans should be trying to get more faculty into blogging and into the public arena.

Who at Johns Hopkins is speaking up for these priorities? And why isn't the Johns Hopkins faculty roaring about this issue? I teach at New York University, and I'm furious.

Nsa in Douglass this afternoon Wants People To Fuck. Andrew Douglas, interim dean of the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns to a Johns Hopkins statement released yesterday afternoon. This afternoon Matthew Green received an apology from the dean who had asked him to remove the NSA blog post, Andrew Douglas of the.

Well, score one for commendable honesty at least; "I'm not saying that there was a great deal of legal analysis done" is not the sort of phrase most spokespeople ever want to utter. Today, the school apologized explicitly for the whole mess.

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Douglas sent a note to Green and shared a copy with the media. It says, in part:. I write to apologize for any difficulty I caused you yesterday over the post on your blog.

A Johns Hopkins computer science professor blogs on the NSA and is Word gets around, and by late afternoon, the press starts asking questions. Now Interim Dean Andrew Douglas has informed professor Green that the. This afternoon Matthew Green received an apology from the dean who had asked him to remove the NSA blog post, Andrew Douglas of the. Edward Snowden Convinced NSA Coworkers to Give Him Their Passwords . We set a new date: Noon on a Friday, at a bench outside the train station .. also known as Winslow Peck, K. Barton Osborn and Douglas Porter.

I realize now that I acted too quickly, on the basis of inadequate and—as it turns out—incorrect information. I requested nsa in Douglass this afternoon you take down the post without adequately checking Doulgass information and without first providing you with an opportunity to correct it I am sorry that my request to free online disabled dating yesterday may have, in some minds, undeservedly undercut your reputation as a scholar and scientist.

I am pleased that we were able to correct the error quickly.

I hope that you understand that my motivation—again, based on inadequate information—was to protect the university and you from legal consequences.

I look forward to discussing your work with you, as you suggested yesterday.

It remains unclear exactly where the request to take down the blog post originated. Green said yesterday that he heard it came from "someone on the APL" side of the school, a reference to the Applied Physics Lab, which does plenty of national security work with agencies like the NSA.

Johns Hopkins said yesterday that "we did not receive any inquiry nsa in Douglass this afternoon the federal government about the blog international chat rooms for teens any request from the government to take down the mirror site" but added that nsa in Douglass this afternoon school was "still tracing the path of this event, which all exploded into our notice over the past couple of hours. The school has now clarified for Ars the chain of events that led to the takedown request: A message was sent from a staff member at APL to a staff member at the Homewood campus calling Doyglass to the post.

That message may have been understood tjis a request for action, though I am told it was intended only as an FYI.

The Homewood staff member called the post to the attention of the dean. You must login or create an account to comment.

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Skip to main content Green's original post. Nate Anderson Nate is the deputy editor at Ars Technica, where he oversees long-form feature content and writes about technology law and policy.

He is the author of The Internet Police: Email nate arstechnica. Channel Ars Technica.