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Why do people play online games

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In a recent article in Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social NetworkingLee, Why do people play online games and Choi 1 investigate why people are attracted to online social games. They identify 6 dimensions describing motivation to play such games: Interestingly, social gamers do not report that they play such games to be social with others, and gmaes primary reasons that non-gamers report avoiding such games cif sex because they find social media notifications annoying and the games to be poor quality.

To make the conclusions they did, the authors created 36 items in eight categories based upon a literature review and a small-scale qualitative study conducted on Facebook. They then asked these questions to college students via an online survey.

Using factor analysis, they then identified 6 factors among these items. These were not equally endorsed. From most common to least common, participants rated the dimensions at these mean levels items within the scale follow:.

In any case, this breakdown and associated means have some compelling implications for social game design. Entertainment rated near-neutral, and other categories were endorsed much less.

At the bottom end, participants on average strongly disagreed with the idea that they played games to interact with.

In other words: Instead, the only motivational social component to social games appears to be the method used to share. The primary limitation of this study?

Since only game players were given this survey, they must play for some reason. Analyses were not conducted to ensure that every participant rated at least one dimension strongly, which is a critical limitation to the use of this scale in future research.

Very interesting study, and the statistics are a bit puzzling. I think an individuals personality is directly related to why they play social games.

Really good games can bring together all different types of players, which is what makes those games go viral in my opinion. They grab a broad audience of every demographic. There are many reasons why kids do play online games and you have very good facts.

Mostly kids play online to either make personals england or play with there friends. Wny is a huge study that shows kids feel like they belong when they play with people they dont know. Also kids can feel safe because nobody can judge them if they dont know what they look like.

Its a way of communication that most humans enjoy. A Checklist.

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